Welcome to Dansk Grinde Klub

The club and network for owners of Grinde, Kaskelot and Marsvin

The information on these pages is primarily in Danish. As a service for our foreign Grinde, kaskelot and Marsvin friends, we translate pages that may be of general interest.

If you have specific requests for translation of pages on the Danish part of the home-page, please mail your request to the web master.

Club life

Letters received from foreigners are only published upon explicit consent of the author – and will appear in the original language at “brevkassen” (letter box). To avoid spam publication will appear after acceptance of the text by the webmaster.

News – can be posted at the nyheder/news page – just use the comment box. To avoid spam publication will appear after acceptance of teh text by the webmaster.

Photoes are also welcome, so please share your best shots with us. If photos may be used for our magazine “Grindenyt” we need high resolution photos  – see Aktiviteter/Fotos.

The Registers of boats Grinde, Kaskelot, Marsvin will be updated continuously. If you own a Grinde, Kaskelot or Marsvin please provide details about yourself and your boat by filling the form under “Register/indmeldelsesformular”. If translation is needed – please mail the webmaster.


The data about the boat and the builder’s description for Grinde is now in English.

The class rules for Grinde translated into english can be found here.

Spare parts – Grinde, Kaskelot, Marsvin

Original spare parts can be purchased from the constructor – contact details can be found here. Contact is better done by regular mail, by phone if you master a Nordic language or if not you can ask the Danish Grinde Club to assist you. Original used spare parts can often be found amongst the members, please mail webmaster what you are looking for and we will place it at our home page under “Køb”.

Contact and membership – please note:

All Grinde, Kaskelot and Marsvin owners whose mail address is known to us, will receive  an invitation  to pay the annual subscription. All Grinde, Kaskelot and Marsvin owners who pay the annual fee will be registered as members of the association for that year and recive the burgey, and our Grinde magazine.

Instructions for paying subscription can be found here: Payment instructions from outside of Denmark

Members have the right of voting to the general assembly, they will recieve that year’s Grinde Burgee, a print of the current register to keep on board and all the following issues of Grinde Nyt that year.

If you do not wish to be counted as a member in a particular year, you simply omit paying the fee.

If you do no longer have your Grinde, Kaskelot or Marsvin then please inform the board that the register should be corrected. It can be done easely from the web-site following the link “Register” above. Fill in the form with name, address and boat number as a minimum, and add in the “Other info” field that the boat has been sold plus the name and address of the new owner. If you do not have access to the Internet you may write the cashier.

Please note the privacy policy – read here Privatlivspolitik Dansk Grinde Klub